Tips & Tricks

Findthetune tips & tricks

Tips for searching music:

The rule of thumb is that 2-3 keywords will give the best results most of the time.
Base them on genre, mood, prominent instrument, and/or production type.

1 is not enough - will give too many options from various ends of the spectrum. Can be useful when not 100% sure about which direction to go with the music.

4+ may end up with no results but depends on keywords. Can be useful if the keywords are linked and what you are looking for is very specific, or when the optimal 3 keywords gave too many results.

Remember, the default ordering of tracks is by rating - higher rated tracks will show up on top. Use "Order by:" filters to alter the ordering.


Extra tricks:

"Browse Search" - lost for words? Check the prepared "tags" under Browse Search and click on the ones that might be suitable. They act like regular keywords you would have typed yourself.

Album description - still no luck? Check the "Album Description" box in the search filter section. Now the system will also search within album descriptions in addition to all the keywords/descriptions associated with single tracks.
Many albums focus on one particular theme/genre and their description might be hiding some keywords you are using. Everything revolves around keywords.

Tempo - if your video is paced according to a certain reference track, then try using the TEMPO filter (+- 5-10 bpm) to match it.
Remember, if a track has no BPM value, then it will not show up when using this filer.

Duration - if your video is a bit longer, then give a minimum value by using the Duration filter.
If the track has no duration value it will give no results when using this filter.

Playlists - Check our curated playlists for inspiration or for specific projects. We have a lot of music, with differing levels of usability, but all playlists include top-quality music.

Check Versions/Stems - Our QC does their best to keep everything organized, but sometimes when looking for something specific (length, instrument, etc.) it is worth double-checking what might be hidden under versions or stems.

Tips on organizing + reporting

Projects - Organize music in your own playlists which in Findthetune are called "Projects".
You can add folders, write descriptions for the list, share, download the whole project in zip form and directly report used tracks from there too. From search results just use the + sign to add tracks to projects.

Likes - Liking tracks and albums is a good way to create your own portfolio of things that you personally fancy. Then under the "likes" section, you can search within your favorites and not worry about getting hundreds of results that you don't need.


Help Me Find Music - When in doubt or in a hurry use the "Help Me Find Music" function. It is a direct hotline to music stylists and occasionally our music supervisors too.
Remember to be as specific as possible and include a reference track or video whenever possible. There is no point in just writing "Happy" or "Christmas" there, we are not mind-readers and can't really help in those cases - might as well use the regular search instead.

License This Track - Or if you need more in-depth help with bigger projects or just a quote for a license, then click on the "license this track" button in search results and you'll see whom to contact with all the requisite details.