Welcome to a world of music

Findthetune.com is a production music library established and hosted by us - Apollo Music. We’re an international music agency based in based in Northern Europe, but we work with video creators, producers, directors and creatives from all over the world.

On Findthetune we unite video creators with global music talent and we’ve done so since its birth in 2004. We offer some of the best media/production music on the market. Our music has been produced and recorded by local and foreign music professionals from most parts of the world. When you license our music, you can be 110% sure that all rights have been secured beforehand.

On Findthetune you can expand your search options by using BPM’s, durations, upload dates, eras and our default elastic tags.

If you want to get access to our music, please apply online via the login page or by getting in touch with one of our music supervisors at contacts page.