Our labels

We're proud to be representing stellar music catalogs from all over the world! This page is continuously updated whenever new albums are released and new catalogs are signed.

You can see which catalogs we represent in that specific country on our Apollo Music Page

4 Elements Music – pop, acoustic, tv series, film, modern, universalwww.4elementsmusic.com

Absolute Music LIBRARY – instrumental, uptempo, electronic, hard rock, world www.absolutemusiclibrary.com

Active Production Music – from award winning classical and opera section to cutting edge dance music www.activeproductionmusic.com

Adonys 5-1 – french songs, electronic, disco, pop www.adonys5-1.com

Adrenalin sounds pty LTD – pop, catchy, positive, melodic www.adrenalinsounds.com

Alabama Music Business, S.L. www.alabama.com.es

All Music Gallery – folk, classical, traditional, jazz, lounge www.allmusicgallery.com

All Star Music N/A

AMP Library (Audio Muziek Producties vof) – laidback, electronic, chill, lounge, leisure, industrial www.amplibrary.com

Apollo Live – cinematic, orchestral, rock, singer songwriter www.apollolive.com

Arcadia (M.S.I) – media, cosmos, hollywood, jingle, national www.arcadiamusic.tv

Arcadia Interactive – exploration, history, mystique, nature, travel www.globaltelevisionmedia.com

Artful Recorded – laidback, acoustic, electronic. www.artcorp.co.uk

Atlantic Seven – vocal, rock, pop, 60s, 80s, acoustic www.atlanticseven.com

Atomica Music www.atomicamusiclibrary.com

AVC – easy listening, gospel, country www.avc-music.com

Beatclock Music Publishing – lazy, feel good, happy, chill, acoustic www.beatclockmusic.com

Big & Clever music library – electronic, upbeat, atmospheric www.bigandclevermusic.com

Binary Music – latin, weddings, rock, ballads, instrumentals www.binarydesigns.com.au

BingBangBoom – dramatic, orchestra, urban, alternative rock www.bingbangboom.net

Blinq Music – indie, ambient, arthouse, pop, quirky, beatz www.blinq-music.com

Boombox Music Coming Soon

Boom Music LTD – retro, film, jazz, brit rock, world www.boommusic.tv

Brickwall Audio – trailer, epic, action, film www.brickwallaudio.com

CosMind Production Music – boutique library for modern media, film, cinematic, jazzy, lounge, world, documentary, from acoustic to modern urban www.cosmind.com

Cringe (Red Admiral Records LLP) – renaissance, romantic, light, folky www.cringemusic.co.uk

De Wolfe Limited www.dewolfemusic.co.uk

Deneb Records / Flipper Music – action, ethnic, cinema, comedy, sport www.flippermusic-international.com

Dennis Music www.dennismusic.com

Digital Assassin Music – rock, club, hip-hop, 90s, 80s www.digitalassassinmusic.com

Dorian Music Publishers – rock, 50’s-80’s, electronic, blues, ethnic N/A

Dos Brains – trailer, film music, action, heavy melody, orchestral www.dosbrains.com

The Diner – pop, acoustic, commercial, modern, retro, positive www.thedinermusic.com

Digital Vision / Getty Images Nordic Sales – rock, pop, jazz, electronic www.gettyimages.com

Drama King – pop rock, drama, dance, horror www.dramaking.com

Eggchair Music – pop, children, groove, r&b, rock www.eggchairmusic.com

Encore Merci – chansons, comedy, documentaries, film, sport www.encoremerci.com

EFFEMME RECORDS DI A. Pinnelli www.fmrecordsmusic.it

Film and TV Music Library – film, cinematic, songs, suspense, comic www.filmandtvmusiclibrary.com

FireMix – electronic, sunny, positive, corporate www.firemix.com

Frameworks Music – acoustic, rock, vocal, groove, trip hop www.frameworksmusic.com

GD Seventy Eight Music – film scores, electronic, dance, contemporary folkjulyo78.wix.com/gdseventyeightmusic

Global Graffiti Music – vocal, film, rock, electronica, jazz, blues, hip-hop www.globalgraffiti.com

The Gold Leaf Music Library – classic, grooves, quirky, moods, electro, world music www.thegoldleafmusiclibrary.com

Grayson Matthews www.grayson-matthews.com

GROOVER Music Library/STOMP Inc. – swing, laid back, leisure, atmospheric www.groovers-music.com

hard Music Design – rock, pop, acoustic, funk, sports, club, modern www.hardmd.com

Hibou Music – action, comedy, children, blues, jazz www.hibou-music.com

Intervox – suspense, travelling, pop, indie, drama www.intervox.co.uk

Kalayeh Productions – rock ballad, dubstep, r&b, songs, pop, hip hop www.kalayehproductions.com

LA Post Music – jazz, hip-hop, spy, tv, series www.lapostmusic.com

Lalela Music – everything from Chill to Drama, Minimal House to Romance, Kids to Kwaito. www.lalela.com

Made Up Music Limited – jazz, rock, pop, dub, film, acoustic www.madeupmusic.co.uk

Magazine Records (Site Magazine) www.magazine-records.com

Manhattan Production Music – ageless, world, specialty music www.mpmmusic.com

Master Class Music www.soundsofaction.com

MAC A MILLION DOLLAR MAN MUSIC – r&b, soul, hip hop, pop rock songs www.whosthehottestrapper.com

Machiavellli Music www.machiavellimusic.com

Mathambo Music – ethnic, african, traditional, percussion www.mathambo.com

Media Tracks www.mediatracks.co.uk

Mode Production Music – fashion, electronic, modern, sports www.modeproductionmusic.com

Music Blvd Group www.musicblvdgroup.com

Music For Sports www.musicforsports.com

Music for Video (Orla Music) – action, chillout, electronica, ethnic, jazz, pop/rock/funk www.orlamusic.com

Music Track Library – acoustic, ambient, blues, country, jazz, reggae, rock www.musictracklibrary.com

Narrator Tracks Music Library – motion picture, corporate productions, travel videos, health spas, restaurants www.ntracks.com

Neil Grant Music Production – folk, acoustic pop/rock, adult contemporary, rock and alternative www.9amusic.de

Nightingale www.nightingalemusic.com

Ninja Tracks – trailer, film music, action, thriller, horror www.ninjatracks.com

No Sheet Music – jazz, blues, rock, country, dubstep www.nosheetmusic.tv

North Music – rock, pop, electronic www.northmusiclibrary.com

Off The Shelf Music – 80s, sample, corporate, science www.offtheshelfmusic.com

Onetrackaday – lounge, chill, retro, latin, bossa, world www.onetrackaday.com

Online Production Music – electronica, atmosphere, instrumental www.onlineprodmusic.com

OPENSOUND MUSIC www.opensoundmusic.com

Ours Music www.ours-music.com

Ozella Music – electronica, instrumental, jazz, world, atmopshere, happy www.ozellamusic.com

Pacifica Music, LLC www.pacificamusic.com

Paris Music www.parismusic.com.pl

Piano For Film – piano, sentimantal, jazz, drama, emotions www.pianoforfilm.com

Plan 8 Music Ltd – comedy, drama, film, fx, games, holidays, natural, sport www.plan8music.com

POPVIRUS www.popvirus.de

Positivo Music – positive, uplifting, feelgood, quirky, pop www.positivomusic.com

Propeller Music www.propellermusic.com

Pyramid Prod Music Library – motivational, sport, action, soundalike, rock www.pyramidmusic.com

Quest World Wide Production Music – ethnic, world, chill out, suspense www.qwpm.com

Quest World Wide Production Music – ethnic, world, chill out, suspense www.qwpm.com

Ready Made Production (RMP) www.readymadeproduction.com

Red Igloo Music (cute) – children, kids, kitsch, quirky www.redigloomusic.com

Rhythm & Muse Music Library LLP – film,
television, gaming, animation, mobile, corporate video

Sensory Overload www.sensoryoverloadmusic.com

SLIC – melodic pop, folk, Welsh, contemporary ethnic www.slictrac.com

Smashtrax – feel good, swing, songs, trailer, old www.smashtrax.com

Songs To Your Eyes www.songstoyoureyes.com

Sonic Quiver LLC – pop, rock, uplifting, cooking, upbeat www.sonicquiver.com

Sonic Librarian Inc – chorus, orchestral, songs, trailer, retro, hard rock www.soniclibrarian.net

SOUND FOR PROD – vocal, instrumental, melodic, pop, classical www.soundforprod.com

Sound Ideas – sound effectswww.sound-ideas.com

Soundiva SRL – tv themes, jingles, covers, instrumental, video games www.soundivamusiclibrary.com

Spider Cues Music/Labrador – tv, drama, film, jazz, electronic www.spidercues.com

Stock Music – corporate videos, commercials, tv productions, internet videos www.stockmusic.be

Strange Fruit Music – ethnic, electronic, retro www.redigloomusic.com

Studio Fontana – Zdenek Nedved – rock, fusion, pop, environment, cartoons, world, latin, orchestralwww.studiofontana.com

Sup Pub Music – music for film, television, commrecials, movie trailerswww.subpubmusic.com

SupaTunes – reggaeton, hip hop, catchy, singer songwriter, indie rock www.supatunes.com

Super Magnetic www.magnetic.sourceaudio.com

Synchro Music Management (African Planit Music Library) – african music, acoustic, dance, rock, world tunes www.synchromusic.co.za

Syncmaster www.syncmaster.co.uk

Synctracks www.synctracks.com

The Music Kitchen Inc (Audio Addiction Music Library) – film, relaxing, meditation, acoustic www.audioaddictionmusic.com

The Vine Music Publishing LLC – acoustic, guitar, rock, pop, songs www.thevinemusic.com

Tread Music Library – acoustic, electronic, guitar, rock www.treadmusiclibrary.com

TRF Music Inc. – motivational, sport, action, soundalike, rockwww.trfmusic.com

Underground Music www.undergroundmusiclibrary.com

Unity Production Music Library – electronic, club, house, dance, urban www.unitymusic.com

V-Dogg www.v-dogg.com

VTown Cartel Music www.vtowncartelmusic.com

Westar Music – corporate, sports, country, drama, film, jazz, rock www.westarmusic.com

Wonder Web Music – background, piano, kids, drama, horror www.wonderwebmusic.co.uk

Woodcut Music www.woodcut.co.nz

Wrong Planet Music – electronic, house, downbeat, r&b, dnb, synth, dubstep, electro www.wrongplanet.co.uk

Your Tune Music Ltd – acoustic guitar, piano, vocal, 80s www.yourtunemusic.com