Three Rising Female Artists To Watch








We've found three upcoming female artists that we think deserve some attention from you.



Lepatriinu joins the rank of female artists born in the Baltics. Born and raised in Tallinn, Lepatriinu's quirky, colorful and imaginative folk tunes have already captivated the Estonians, She excels at bubbly, progressive folk while staying true to the singer-songerwriter genre throughout every song. Lepatriinu has already seen a lot. She has attended the Nordic Band Camp in Denmark and she has made multiple appearances on the Estonian national morning TV show "Terevisioon". Lepatriinu was one of the finalists in Noortebänd (Estonia's national youth music competition) in 2016 and she even grabbed most of the prizes – including invitations to perform at Jazzkaar, Intsikurmu Festival and Augustibluus.

Lepatriinu is represented by No Angel Records.



Trella is originally from Nashville, Tennessee (also known as "Music City" across the pond). This gifted talent is a breath of fresh air from the traditional country, bluegrass and pop artists popping up in Nashville's famous music scene. The country genre has clearly affected her vocals but it's not overwhelming, and it's the only country element you'll find in her songs. Her voice works wonders in combination with her genre-mixed instrumentals. Not unlike a talented soul food chef, Trella serves a delicious synergy of very different flavors. "Breathe" ventures slightly into the realm of Euro-trance and in "Crash", her vocals turn to hip-hop for inspiration. However, she does stick to an overall electronica theme that not only spellbinds you but, more importantly, makes you want seconds.



Tanerélle is an up-and-coming singer and actress from Atlanta, Georgia, but she currently resides in Los Angeles. Being an independent artist, Tanerélle makes her own rules which clearly shows "In Women We Trust". Her music is a massive mix of very different genres, but if you insist on labelling it, we think that "chillout pop" describes it well. Her music is predominantly electronic, but she knows how to put a highly contagious chorus together as well. Right now she has around 150K monthly listeners on Spotify, but we think she deserves many more.


Now you're probably thinking: "How do I clear these wonderful songs for my commercial, film or TV show?" Well, just get in touch with us and we'll guide you through the process.