Findthetune YouTube Subscription FAQ's

What is a Findthetune Youtube subscription?

By subscribing to Findthetune you can download and use our music legally for the videos on your YouTube channel.


Will I receive claims when I use your music?

Once you have subscribed to a paid plan, your YouTube channel will be whitelisted. Whitelisting means that you can upload our music to your YouTube channel. If you for some reason receive a claim, just make sure to dispute it and then we’ll take care of it for you.


Can I use your music on similar SoMe platforms (for example Facebook and Instagram)?

Our music has been whitelisted for YouTube only, which means that you can’t upload videos with our music to FB or IG. However, you are certainly allowed to post links to your YouTube videos on FB and other social media platforms.


Can I use music from Findthetune as theme music for my channel?

Yes, you can, as long as your videos are only uploaded to YouTube. Make sure that you have an active subscription when you upload your videos.


Can I still distribute my videos after the subscription has been terminated?

Yes, as long as those videos have been uploaded to your YouTube channel during your subscription period.


Do I have to credit Findthetune every time I use your music?

It’s not required to credit Findthetune, but we highly appreciate the gesture. If you want to credit us, you can simply add the following line in your video descriptions: music from


Can I use the subscription for my company’s YouTube channel?

No, you can’t. The subscription is only for private and professional YouTubers. If you wish to buy music for your company’s video content, please contact our B2B music team at


Does a YouTube subscription cover videos produced for a 3rd party?

No, it does not. Only your channel has been whitelisted. If our music gets uploaded by a 3rd party to an unknown YouTube channel, the content will be claimed and/or monetized.


Can I upload Findthetune’s music as a stand alone music video on my channel?

Yes, you can, as long as you refer to as the original source of the music


Can I change my subscription path later on?

Yes, you can change your subscription path directly from Findthetune’s dashboard on your profile. Once you’ve changed your path in the dashboard, it’ll change as soon as the next payment cycle starts.


Can I buy extra downloads if I run out of my monthly quota?

Yes, you can easily purchase more downloads. However, bear in mind that the extra downloads expire at some point (referring to Q12).


Will add-ons (extra downloads) still be available during the next billing cycle?

No, they will not. Extra downloads will only be valid until your current billing cycle ends, so make sure to spend them all!


How do I cancel my subscription?

You can choose to cancel your subscription anytime. Once you cancel, you will be able to use Findthetune’s paid features until the end of your current billing period. After that, your subscription will automatically be downgraded to “Test and Taste”.

You can choose to cancel your subscription right away. However, you will then lose the downloads you have left in your current billing period and there will be no payment refunds.


How do I change my subscription from monthly to yearly plan and vice versa?

You have to cancel your current subscription and re-subscribe to a yearly or monthly plan. You can do that directly from the dashboard in your profile.


What happens when my channel views go over the limit of my subscription before my current billing cycle ends?

If your channel reaches the monthly channel limit on your subscription you will be contacted by our team. If your monthly channel views continue to go over the limit few months in a row you will be required to upgrade to a higher subscription plan.